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Investment Research Guide Series Database Trial

  1. Blount County Public Library

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  2. The library is pleased to be able to offer this online investment information to our patrons. A review from Library Journal: “This resource provides…. solid info, balanced coverage, and a broad scope of easy-to-use financial products. Those new to investing and finance will find this an inviting guide, while more sophisticated users will appreciate the detail and currency.” It is currently a trial (March 30 through April 27) but we hope to be able to purchase the database. Since it is expensive, we naturally want to make the best use of money while providing excellent resources for you. The ratings are 100% independent and unbiased.

  3. Investment Research Guide Series Database Trial

    The library has carried print resources on these subjects but we think that online resources will be more convenient to people and make access much easier. To that end, we would appreciate any feedback from you. After looking at this resource, at no charge to you, tell what you think! Should the library purchase it?

  4. Thank you for your feedback! Blount County Public Library greatly appreciates your help!

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